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". . . I ripped through this book in a day or so, and I'm eagerly awaiting more! McCurry turns the usual sword and sorcery tropes on their head, keeps the reader empathizing with what, in less talented hands would have been a one-note protagonist, invests even throw away characters with memorable moments, and lands emotional punches with the kind of skill and grace that promise great things for his future works!"

Daniel Penz, Emmy-winning Producer and Editor

Cursed to take lives for the God of Death. Sorcerers must give up things and people they love, or accept things they despise, to gain magical power. The sorcerer Bib saves his daughter by accepting a curse to murder people, and only Death knows how many. He tries to stick to slaying evil people, but he soon finds that he’s also killing people who are merely bad, and even people who might someday become bad. Bib chases a brutal sorcerer to help a woman rescue her boy, mainly because he expects a lot of killing. But he doesn’t expect to unearth obscure magic, enslave spiteful supernatural beings, and strike ghastly bargains with the childish gods. And the last thing he expects is to face the question—is he a good man cursed to crave murder, or has he always been a murderer at heart?