We Have a Profound Spiritual Connection Through Peg-board

It’s well-known that my wife and I could not be more different, unless one of us carried chimp DNA. That would probably be me, by the way. Therefore, this morning my understanding of the world shifted when I noticed that on some obscure, metaphysical level she and I are the same person.

I will present my evidence. Here’s a photo of my tools:


And here’s is a photo of my wife’s makeup:


I believe nothing more need be said.


  1. Great minds think alike. No wonder you two are together.But the big question is whose display is more impressive?

    1. Bill McCurry says:

      Hers is more impressive, no doubt. Look at the colors! She wins, at least until a cabinet door falls off. Then she’ll wish she was holding something other than a tube of lipstick labeled “Tarte.”

  2. Susan Bellefeuille says:

    Isn’t Life Mystical Gotta Love It

    1. Bill McCurry says:

      Deep down I knew all the time that we had something in common. I only hope that finding this out doesn’t screw up 23 years of a good thing.

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