Wee Piggies of Radiant Might

The idiot gods are being murdered.

An unexplained malevolence severs them from the world of mankind and reduces them to feckless insanity, and they weren’t all that stable to start with. Now one of the gods’ most horrendous enemies slaughters them while they hide in different realities, much like divine, lunatic bunnies. The Blacksmith of the Gods, Fingit, has been mocked by his fellow gods since the beginning of time, but now only he is still lucid enough to conceive a scheme to save them and maybe reality itself. Fingit contrives a plan so clever that if anyone dies it won’t be him. But the most deranged being in the universe, his sister Sakaj, drags him into her own lunatic scheme. Fingit must outwit her, defeat the gods’ foes, overcome the entity that is thrusting them into oblivion, and grapple with the most singular problem of all—while the gods have been gone, has mankind cared? Or even noticed?

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