Death’s Collector

Death needs a little help.

Bib bargained with the God of Death to save his daughter. Now he owes a lot of murders. How many?

Only the god knows.

Bib finds that he loves to kill. Is it because of the bargain?

Or has he always been a murderer at heart?

Death’s Baby Sister

Sorcerers shouldn’t make it rain whales.

But it might happen. The gods are driving young sorcerers mad and tapping thier power.

Everybody blames Bib the sorcerer. He’s not sure they’re wrong.

Can he protect the child sorcerers? Or will he need to  sacrifice them? Or sacrifice himself?


Wee Piggies of Radiant Might

Somebody’s murdering the gods.

Gods are becoming stupid, weak, or insane. Who’s responsible? Enemies gather. The gods have never been very popular.

Can Fingit, the weakest god,  avoid destruction to plan the attack? Can he get the addled,  manic gods to understand the plan?

Can he arrange it so if anybody gets killed it won’t be him?


Death’s Collector
Audio Book

Narrated by Daniel Penz