Death’s Collector

He’s a bad man for a good reason.

Bib the sorcerer bargained with the God of Death to save his daughter. Now he must kill until the gods say he’s killed enough.

And the petty, prevaricating, never-to-be-pounded-enough-right-in-their-nuts gods took Bib’s bargain and killed his little girl anyway.

Now Bib rides though crappy towns looking for men who deserve death – or who might deserve it someday. At last he meets a man he can’t kill, one who slaughters innocents, mocks Bib, and trots away laughing.

If anybody deserves killing, it’s this walking goiter.

Bib chases the villain by joining forces with a stern woman and her soldiers. She wants to rescue her boy. Bib just wants to murder the kidnapper. How will Bib handle her when she realizes he’s using her? That he may get her killed, and that he wouldn’t trade the bad part of a yak for the boy?

Death’s Collector is the first book in the darkly humorous Death-Cursed Wizard fantasy series. If you like snarky heroes, top-notch magic systems, and epic sword and sorcery, then you’ll love Bill McCurry’s addictive tale.

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Also available as an audio book.