Death’s Collector – Download Chapters 1 – 3

There’s got to be more to life than sorcery, slaughter, and flowers.


Bib the sorcerer murders people for the God of Death, but he’s not just cursed to kill. He’s cursed to love it.

And he hates that he loves it.

The world is full of wicked people who are perfect targets for Bib’s blood lust. But sometimes he slips and kills people who aren’t as bad as all that. It weighs on him, so when a child-murdering kidnapper kills some hapless folk under Bib’s protection, he chases the vile toad with a clean conscience.

Bib is out for vengeance and death, but the kidnapped boy’s governess begs him to rescue the child. Meanwhile, the kidnapper wants Bib dead, the king wants him imprisoned, and a river spirit wants to pull out his arteries and tie them into charming designs.

Bib admits that while he’s wiping out the kidnapper and all his nasty friends, he could make an effort to save the boy. It seems possible—until he suffers betrayal, the obliteration of his plans, and powerlessness at the hands of his enemies. He is as good as dead.

Now he’ll show everyone why Death chose him to collect lives.